All Things Andrea

All Things Andrea

Sunday, May 10, 2009

The End of the Fruit Flies

Embarrassingly enough, I ended up with a nasty infestation of fruit flies this week.  I think I must have left some debris in the garbage disposal unknowingly.  Anyway, it was it was a pain!!  I was at my wits end - they got into some candied nuts I had made for one of my favorite salad recipes as well as my broccoli sprouts.  OK, it was time to put an end to the little stinkers!  I tried all kinds of supposedly tried-and-true methods to get rid of them, including trying to drown them in a solution of soapy water and vinegar, and creating a bottle trap with rotten a banana in the bottom, but to no avail.  But, I did find a successful solution - the vacuum cleaner!  Fruit flies can't survive the trip into the vacuum cleaner bag, so that's the end.  Period.  It's quick and easy.  It did take a few days to catch all of them, but once I sucked them all up, that was it!  I've been much more careful about emptying the compost bucket and keeping the garbage disposal clean, but at least I know what to do if I have a problem again!

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Decorator Sewing

Swags and jabots mounted on a board are such a classic window treatment - they never fail to please a customer!

Roman  Shade for the adjacent bath in matching fabric.