All Things Andrea

All Things Andrea

Saturday, May 9, 2015

Paleo or Not??

OK, I'll admit - this is one of the finer moments of Paleo dining.  But, let me be clear - for me, it was only a moment.  For numerous health reasons (primarily autoimmune issues,  Leaky Gut and a whole host of food sensitivities), I've decided I need to give the Autoimmune Paleo Protocol a try; but, it's been terribly heartbreaking to come to this conclusion.  It's been an unsettling, isolating, and extremely expensive experience so far.  I am trusting that this is only a temporary approach until my body catches up with what it's supposed to be doing on its own; that's the only reason that I can even consider this perspective.  

I'm not even going to share the above recipe, because I don't know if I want to encourage others to go down this trail.  I certainly don't feel good about eating pricey imported grapes that were encased in plastic, and I'm not happy about eating expensive hunks of meat, even if it is good quality.  And, it drives me nuts to be running to the grocery store or the butcher all the time, or filling up my recycling bin.  Why??

I believe with all my heart that the local/in-season/organic approach is the approach.
It's sustainable.
It's economical.
I believe it's the ideal approach for the masses.
I believe we are called to partner with God and grow as much of our own food as possible, in gratitude for the very fruits and vegetables He created and provided to nourish our bodies.
I believe the creative outlet of cooking from scratch does wonders for our bodies, souls, and minds.
I believe we must teach and model gardening, cooking and grateful eating to anyone who might be watching, especially the younger generations.
I believe Michael Pollan knows what he's talking about.

I'm determined to get back to this approach.  Determined to get back to the stashes of fabulous food waiting for me in my freezer and pantry.  But for now, I'm on a detour.  A heartbreaking detour.  I was so certain that the local/in-season/organic approach would heal my body, but it didn't.  And so I need to consider a different approach, at least temporarily.

I've been reading, researching, asking lots of questions.  If you feel you must explore this approach as well,  I've found this book to be the most helpful.  Of course, there is oodles of info available online.

I miss my pastured eggs.  Risotto.  Eating out. Cannelloni beans, any beans!  Whole grains.  My mozzarella cheese made from raw milk.  Eating with others.  The pizza crust I finally perfected!!  Cooking with my nephew.  Posting Recipes on my In Season recipe blog.  Strawberry Rhubarb Slab Pie - boo hoo, boo hoo, boo hoo!!!

I'm desperately trying to find the good in this.  (Of course, there always is a glimmer of good in anything if you look hard enough.)  1), I've discovered bone broth.  2) I've been forced to be even more creative with my own produce (like the rhubarb smoothie I had for breakfast today!).   And 3), I've discovered I'm not the only one on this long, winding journey.

To be continued!!

Saturday, May 2, 2015

Garden Sentinel

This is what greets me every time I go out to work in my gardens!  Last spring I started feeding my neighbors' dog Max the woody ends from my asparagus, and he has assumed this position next to my garden ever since, always in hopeful anticipation of some more garden treats.  Sometimes he whimpers or whines, but mostly he assumes this silent waiting posture.  I feed him the broccoli shoots that have flowered, or other garden scraps.  If he's not outside watching me, he is sitting in his sun room with his eyes peeled in my direction.

I continually remind Max that he shouldn't expect free organic garden produce from me if he's not going to earn his keep by keeping the rabbits at bay, but he is unfazed by my reprimands.  As I told his dad, I've concluded that he's a product of this generation and thinks that everything exists to serve his needs - ha!

This is what makes his day!