All Things Andrea

All Things Andrea

Monday, December 3, 2018

Cranberry Juice

Why make your own cranberry juice?  Well, sometimes it can be hard to find cranberry juice that hasn't been sweetened with corn syrup (I hate the thought of drinking anything sweetened with a GMO corn product!!), plus it's just fun to make your own juice!  And, now that I've switched over to using a steam canner, it's quick and easy, and you can make just a few jars vs. a whole canner full.  If you can find cranberries on sale after the holidays, you're in luck!  This is basically the same method I use to make my Home-Canned Grape Juice.

Source:  adapted from Jill Luzier and Mennonite Country-Style Recipes

Wash cranberries thoroughly; drain.  
Place 1-1/2 c. cranberries and 1/3 c. sugar in each quart jar.  
Fill with boiling water, leaving 1/2" headspace; stir to dissolve sugar.  
Add lids, tighten and process 15 minutes in boiling water bath.  
When ready to serve, strain into pitcher, discarding cranberries.

Note:  Wait at least 4-6 weeks before opening to allow flavor to develop.