All Things Andrea

All Things Andrea

Friday, January 2, 2009

New Living Room Curtains

I finally have vacation time to use for something other than medical appointments, so today I took the day off (the first possible day in 2009!) to sew some more curtains for myself.
I was so pleased with how the silk panels turned out for my office that I decided to do the same window treatment in the living room, only with another color of silk.  This gives a nice uniform look to the front of the house.  Again, I allowed them to puddle on the floor to avoid the tedious process of making sure the length is precise.  I hand tacked a strip of floral fabric along the side hems to give the appearance of another layer of curtain underneath.  I'm not completely satisfied with the sheer Roman Shades - I couldn't find sheer fabric in 100% cotton, so I settled for a polyester; it just doesn't drape well.  But for now they'll do, especially since the fabric was only $3.00 per yard.  :)

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