All Things Andrea

All Things Andrea

Friday, October 30, 2009

I HATE Halloween....

I think it's the creepiest holiday ever....
I hate opening the door on a dark evening to who knows who....
And, I have to admit it annoys me that people who would never bother with me at any other time suddenly want to come see me just so they can get a handout.

I hate feeling like I have to pull the blinds and hide out in my OWN home.

I always feel like such a party pooper.
AND, there's nothing worse than a little kid ringing the doorbell even when my porch light is turned OFF, and me having to say, "Sorry, I'm not participating.  I don't have any candy for you...."

But, I was thrilled that my neighbor knows me well enough...

... to ring my doorbell anyway because...
... she knows I would love to see her daughter in her special costume.
And, her daughter was perfectly fine with the fact that "Miss Andrea" didn't have any candy for her.

Happy Halloween!

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