All Things Andrea

All Things Andrea

Monday, February 1, 2010

1st Annual Creative Restorative Retreat

When I was at CTCA Philly in September 2009 with my friend Rose, I was so impacted in learning that creativity is really good for your immune system and for your health in general. I have always believed that, but never knew there was medical research to back up the theory. After hearing that evidence, I determined that I would make time and space for creativity a higher priority in my life. But how?? When?? The daily collision of what I knew I was to be doing and what I could actually make time for was killing me - literally.

For years I had dreamed of organizing some kind of creative retreat. I love doing creative things (quilting, stamping, etc., etc.), but it's so much more satisfying when you're doing it surrounded by people you enjoy. My ultimate dream had always been a week-long retreat at the Outer Banks, off-season. That seemed out of reach.... And, most of my friends have never allowed themselves the luxury of being creative due to their many day-to-day responsibilities or church commitments - where would I find enough people to participate? But then, I started thinking a little broader - what about not just a creative retreat, but a Creative Restorative Retreat? Suddenly the details fell into place, and before I knew it, nine friends expressed interest in joining me. The goal was simple - make some time to get away for the weekend and do whatever it is that restores your soul, from quilting or scrap booking to sleeping in, reading or journaling to simply being together! Comfy clothes was a must. And only one rule - no cell phones.

We had a WONDERFUL time!!! The setting was perfect - a sweetly decorated and perfectly maintained farmhouse in Southern York county owned by friends from church - close enough that we didn't have to drive far, but out-of-the-way enough that we felt that we had actually gotten away. There was a beautiful great room with lots of big windows overlooking delightful scenery; it accommodated our entire group as we worked on our projects, enjoyed each other's company, or watched movies. The food was terrific - we paired up for meals and took turns cooking and hostessing. We even had a lovely snowfall while we were there. And, the vote was unanimous to do it again next year!

The weekend was everything I could have hoped for and more!


  1. We had a great weekend and can't wait to do it again. While the farm house was great, I am with Andrea and would love to do it at the OBX next year.

  2. Maybe we could do the OBX for the 10th annual Creative Restorative Retreat! :)