All Things Andrea

All Things Andrea

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Hip Knit Hats

I want to learn how to knit these cool hats!  I'm tired of feeling like an old maid knitting dishcloths (even though I LOVE knitting them - shhhh - don't tell anyone....), and am ready to move on to something adventurous, not just a "lapghan" (a really, really big dishcloth!).  I stumbled across this cool  hat book today at Jo-Ann Fabrics, and kept arguing with myself re: purchasing it:

"Seriously, do you really think you're going to tackle these?"
"But I could knit them for Christmas presents!"
"Yeah right, they probably won't even fit.
And just when would you find time to do that?
Besides, good yarn is expensive!"
"But, it's on sale - it's 40% off...."

In the end, I decided the book was worth the money for the inspiration alone, whether or not I ever attempt them.

P.S. - I'm still enjoying the book....

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