All Things Andrea

All Things Andrea

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Vintage Scrap Rug

I was thrilled to acquire this little rug (or maybe it's a chair mat??) today at an Amish junk shop.  I had seen a few weeks ago when I stopped by their shop, but it wasn't marked for sale.  In fact, it was simply part of the workshop, sitting on one of the chairs.  I had looked at it carefully, trying to figure out how it was made and mentally took notes so I could make one for myself.  After I got home, I could have kicked myself  - why in the world didn't I ask if it was for sale?  And, why didn't I at least take a picture?!  So today, I stopped back at their shop and timidly asked if they would be interested in selling it.  The kind shopkeeper wanted to give it to me instead of selling it when she realized how much I appreciated it.  She had purchased it at a yard sale at a Mennonite home, for the very same reason as me.  Of course I paid for it, but it warmed my heart that another woman with the love of fabrics and creating wanted to share her treasure with me.

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