All Things Andrea

All Things Andrea

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Fort Hunter Day 2012

I had another enjoyable day at Fort Hunter Day this year,

demonstrating hand quilting,

hand applique, and yo yo's (gotta love those yo yo's!).

It was so much less work than last year or the year before - all I had to do was load up a few things and enjoy a day of stitching and interacting with the guests!  I also had the chance to pop in to see the quilt display over at the Centennial barn.  The African American Quilters Gathering of Harrisburg, a newly formed quilt guild, put together an amazing display of their quilts - I had never seen or experienced anything like it.  So much energy and life eminated from their quilts!!  It was fun meeting and chatting with some of their members.

It was a beautiful day,

 and a wonderful setting.

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