All Things Andrea

All Things Andrea

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Liberated Baskets

photo credit: Jolene Klassen
I've been in awe of this quilt ever since discovering it on Jolene Klassen's  Blue Elephant Stitches quilt blog several months ago.  I found it so compelling; it almost has a museum-quality look to it.
Then, I discovered the book that it came from, Gwen Marsden's Liberated Quiltmaking II, at the AQS quilt show in March.  I ordered it off Amazon, and I began to think, "maybe I could actually make this quilt."
But, the more I studied the quilt, the more I realized that so much of the interest of the quilt wasn't just the quirky baskets, but the fabric selection.  How would I pull that off?
So, imagine my delight when Jolene said yes to my e-mail request to her, asking if she would consider putting a kit of fabrics together for me so I could make a quilt similar to hers. 
The package arrived today...

... from Canada!

In the envelope was a wonderful assortment of fabrics that I would have never thought to put together,
with Jolene's little notes taped to each set of fabrics.

I am thrilled!

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