All Things Andrea

All Things Andrea

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Why is Breaking Up So Hard to Do??

It's finally time to say goodbye to my faithful Kenmore sewing machine....

I'm having such a hard time - it's almost as traumatic as when I traded in my beat up Chevette for a brand new Honda Civic hatchback way back in 1990.  (The salesman couldn't understand why I was shedding tears in the parking lot over such nonsense!)  I felt like I had betrayed my faithful friend and was putting it out to pasture after all the places it had safely transported me.  Parting with my Kenmore feels so similar....

I purchased this Kenmore Ultra-Stitch 12 back in 1984; the first major purchase I made after graduating from college.  It served me so well!  It traveled with me from my parents' house to two years of Voluntary Service with my church, to my very-first apartment on my own, and finally to my current home.  I made clothing for myself, stitched many a bridesmaid dress, did lots of decorator sewing, pieced some quilts, and did a ton of alterations. I even did a stint of sewing for the local sports goods store and zig zagged the heck out of the machine.  I used it so hard that I burned out at least three foot pedals, and it still ran like a champ.  I even purchased a second identical model to keep on hand as a spare.  It was so easy to maintain; it rarely needed servicing since it was simple to clean and oil.

It sat in this little cabinet under the window in my sewing room and was always at my beck and call.  I purchased the cabinet after I moved into my first apartment; my friend Denise went to Sears with me and helped me unload and assemble it.  I loved the flatbed option the cabinet provided.

But, the time finally came for me to upgrade to a newer machine.  I ended up buying a used Bernina 440 QE almost four years ago.  I had a terrible time making the switch - I felt like I had cut off my right arm and flushed WAY too much money down the toilet!  For the longest time, I had my Bernina sitting on a card table next to my Kenmore, preferring the modest Kenmore to the splashy new Bernina.  But, I finally put on my "big girl panties" and learned to use my new machine.  I love, love, love my Bernina now that I'm accustomed to it and I will never go back.   I had hung on to my Kenmore machines in case I needed a backup, but it finally dawned on me that I've moved on and won't be using them again.  I still feel a bit guilty....  

BUT, I'm so happy to have found new homes for both of them.  And, it's much better for someone else to get some use out of them vs. having them sit unused  in my house.

Here's to Kenmore sewing machines!!

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