All Things Andrea

All Things Andrea

Sunday, April 20, 2014

New Easter Traditions

There are plenty of church services in this area to attend to prepare for the intensely spiritual meaning of Easter, but I find I still need to do something a bit more personal for Easter to truly resonate in my heart.  I've made butter on Easter morning the last four years, but no longer have access to a good source of cream.  So, I needed a new tradition....

Even though it seems a bit sacrilegious to do outside work on Easter Sunday (although I have to admit, Sunday afternoons are my favorite time to putter around outdoors), it felt important to me to place a few seeds in the ground as a new tradition.  As I planted, I reflected on the fact that death always has to happen for new growth to start, that death isn't the enemy, that as a Christian there is always hope even when it looks like things are over, and that Christ's death brings redemption, restoration and renewal to every situation in my life.

Blessings on your Easter day!

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