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All Things Andrea

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

To Reuse or Not??

 OK, everyone I know who cans says, "ABSOLUTELY NOT!"  "NO WAY!"  "DON'T YOU DARE!  "IT'S NOT SAFE!!!"  But, I'm not convinced.  I have been reusing canning lids for a long time; I reuse them once, then throw them away.  I carefully inspect them before reusing them.  I make sure they are clean, lay flat - they basically need to look like they're brand new (other than the writing).  If not, I toss them.  If they have a little outward nick on the edge from being opened in a previous life,

I simply roll the lid along the counter to smooth it out:

I have had just as good a success with the reused lids sealing, if not better.   My guess is that I could use them even another time or so, but since I have so many from friends who pass them on to me, I can afford to pitch them after I've reused them once.  :)  It saves a ton of money, and I'm able to can up a storm without having to factor in the cost of new lids.  Plus, it always was and still is the green way to go!  And, there's nothing more endearing that reusing a lid from a friend: 

Emma is growing up now, and no longer writes the year 2006 as "20006", 

 or feels the need to put a smiley face and her name on a jar lid.  :)

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