All Things Andrea

All Things Andrea

Friday, November 25, 2011

24 Advent Gifts

I love this idea for an advent chain, featured in the December 2011 issue of Martha Stewart Living magazine.  My Aunt Maude always sent us an advent calendar every December, and I loved opening those doors every morning.  So, I was eager to create an advent activity for my nephew.

While I HATE posting something about Christmas in November, this is one Christmas project that needs a bit of preparation before December 1.  It takes a bit of time to wrap all the packages and string them together.  I found that boxes work best.  Be sure to use sturdy ribbon or twine.

I was determined not to spend much money on the gifts, so I scoured the house for fun little things that I was sure Ricky would enjoy. 

(Yes, he enjoys using my lint roller!)

A Christmas ornament stitched by my mother.

I did break down and bought a few things, but was able to keep the cost under $5.00.  Thankfully 8-year-olds aren't too difficult to please!

Note:  Be sure to use ribbon that isn't slippery; twine or string will probably work best. The ribbon I used allowed the packages to slide out, resulting in a mess when I presented the string of gifts to my nephew!  I was able to get everything back together, but I'll be sure to use something that works better next year!

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