All Things Andrea

All Things Andrea

Friday, March 29, 2013

Gardening Procrastination

I had a terrible time getting my butt in gear to start my spring vegetable planting this year.  I had put it on the "to-do" list for three weekends in a row, but was terribly unmotivated and didn't do squat  So much so, that it made me wonder if I should take a break from the vegetable gardening thing.  (GASP - seriously??!!).  Yes, seriously.  (After all, isn't that what the Year of Jubilee is all about??)  Seriously....  (Although, I have to admit, I did wonder, What will my neighbors think - they've watched me faithfully tend my vegetable beds for over 15 years now - they probably will think I need some sort of intervention, like when I don't get my Christmas decorations taken down on time....

Vegetable gardening is so stressful for me.  (Stressful??  That's not what gardeners admit, do they?!)  But for me it is.  Bottom line, it feels like it runs/orders/dictates my life from the day those seedlings get started indoors to the final cleanup in the fall.  (Maybe that's what mothers feel like 24/7??)  And while I thoroughly believe in sustainable living and healthful eating, my heart sometimes isn't in it.  Like today.  I've been on a major quilting streak since before Christmas, and I just DO NOT feel like abandoning my quilting for the gardening season.  I haven't even cooked or washed my dishes all week; in fact, I bought macaroni & cheese from the deli last week so I didn't have to cook - double gasp!!  Today is damp and cold, even though the sun is out, and I'd much rather be indoors reading some amazing quilting blogs (such as this one or this one), quilting, reorganizing my fabric stash or going fabric shopping.  It's a dilemma.... 

So, what did I do?

I was a good girl, dragged myself out to the garden (after contemplating it all morning and typing the above paragraphs first!) and got my spring things in, even though my winter-weight gain meant I could barely zip up or bend my knees in my way-too-tight garden jeans from last season.  My reward for getting my planting chores done today will be some fabric shopping tomorrow - I need to get the backing and binding for my Scrappy Trip quilt.  Yea!!  :)

This is what I would have missed if I hadn't made it outside:



And, I got my onions, fingerling potatoes and peas in the ground:




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