All Things Andrea

All Things Andrea

Thursday, June 13, 2013

New Look for Vintage Garden Chairs

I've been watching these vintage garden chairs rust away.... 


... over the last few years. 

They were my Great Aunt Mary's chairs,
 and I had them hanging in my garage for years, knowing that some day I would have the perfect place for them. 
It wasn't until I built my garden shed two years ago that it seemed like they finally had a place to call home.  So, I bought some paint that summer to repaint them, but kept dragging my feet because I knew it would be a fairly involved project.  And, I wasn't 100% sure they would still be weatherproof.

But, the stress of seeing these lovely chairs from rust away was getting to me.  In fact, they had deteriorated so much that I was now able to see the previous paint color.

Thankfully I stumbled across this fellow last summer at the Columbia Antique, Art & Craft Show.  He does beautiful work with powder coating vintage chairs and kitchen step stools.
So, my sister helped me get these chairs to him this evening.  He assured me they weren't too far gone and helped me decide what color to pick after showing me some chairs he had done for his wife.  I selected a lovely coral pink shade.  As sad as it makes me to give up their vintage/shabby chic look, I knew something had to be done had to be done to preserve them.  And, his prices were so reasonable!
I'll be sure to post pictures when I get them back!

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