All Things Andrea

All Things Andrea

Monday, May 12, 2014

Contemplating Pansies

I never get tired of looking at this pot of pansies sitting on my patio table...

This pot was from last fall.  But then winter hit us early, fast and hard.

These pansies would have normally have ended up on the compost pile, but that never happened with the early snow and frozen soil.  So instead, I stuck the pot in the garage, planning to dump it in the spring.

But this fellow survived the cold garage with no light or water.

Come spring  when I went to dump it, I discovered it was still alive, even though very pale and leggy.  So, I gave it some water, moved it into the sunlight, and added some fertilizer. 

It's just now hitting its prime.
It has way more character and form than a 6-pack of pansies fresh from the greenhouse.

Makes me think about how God so graciously and miraculously restores and redeems our sickly lives....
I wanna look just like this some day!

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