All Things Andrea

All Things Andrea

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Broccoli Sprouts

Broccoli sprouts are a nice way to get some fresh greens into your diet without compromising a commitment to local, in-season eating.  It's so easy, and economical, not to mention healthful!

Simply soak 3 T. of broccoli seeds overnight in cool water.  I use a wide-mouth mason jar, fitted with a sprouting lid.  You can also improvise with a piece of cheesecloth and a jar ring.

 Day One:  In the morning, drain and invert jar.  Rinse and drain the seeds/sprouts two times per day until fully developed.

 Day Two

Day Three 

 Day Four
(Switch to a larger screen lid so you can rinse the hulls away.)

Day Five
Store in refrigerator right in the jar.

How cool is that??!! 

I love them on baked potatoes, but often eat a handful of them for breakfast - just because I think it's such a cool thing to be able to participate in growing my own nutritious food in the middle of the winter!

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