All Things Andrea

All Things Andrea

Monday, May 28, 2012

Workout Incentive!

I saw this idea on Pinterest - simply put a dollar (or whatever amount you'd like) in a jar every time you work out, then use the money to treat yourself to something non-food related.  I've been needing some motivation to keep moving physically, and this idea has helped!  Made it to the gym?  Three bucks goes in the jar.  Pilates at home?  Add another two dollars.  A few sit-to-stands out in the garden, or some wall presses against the garden shed?  Fifty cents or a dollar gets added to the stash.  My goal?  A camera!  I can't justify the purchase otherwise.  And, interestingly enough, I think twice about frittering away those dollar bills in my wallet, knowing I need to keep some on hand to use for my workout incentive jar.

I hope the motivation lasts!!!

P.S.  I also saw this quote on Pintrest:
"Don't reward yourself with food; you're not a dog."


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