All Things Andrea

All Things Andrea

Saturday, November 2, 2013

Antiquing Fun

I had the great fun of antiquing with my friend Denise at the Antique Marketplace of Lemoyne today.  It's the craziest thing - I have often stopped in at the PA Fabric Outlet (entrance under the green awning in the background), but had never ventured a few yards down the street into the antique mall - how sad is that?!  It took Denise's suggestion for me to actually make it there today. 

It's a great place - lots and lots of vendors... the old West Shore Bakery Building.

Lots of eye candy...
It was fun to see these Ironstone dishes that I had already picked up at the thrift shop a while back for a MUCH cheaper price.  :)
Love the idea of displaying this cotton crochet thread in a glass canister....   I have a whole box of thread that belonged to my Great Aunt Mary that I didn't know what to do with; it's been sitting in a cardboard box in my attic, waiting to be rescued!

It was hard to walk away from this dear vintage dressing table (in fact, I just may have to go back for it....). It would make a perfect little sewing table for my Featherweight sewing machine....
I love the whole industrial chic look.  This $495 cart would make a fabulous coffee table, but not at that price point!

However, this adorable fan did fit the pocketbook - love it!!
My friend Denise scored this vintage tablecloth in perfect condition for only $12 - quite a steal as these are quite collectible and getting harder and harder to find.
I'll post pictures of the vintage quilts and fabric finds later!

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  1. This tablecloth reminds me of a tablecloth we had when we were growing up? Maybe for picnics?