All Things Andrea

All Things Andrea

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Eating to Live...

... vs. Eating to Avoid Dying.
There's a BIG difference.
Which is it??
After wading through tons of material re: healthy eating, nutrition and cancer prevention these past few years, I felt called to eat seasonally, organically and locally this year, focusing on God's provision and the bounty of the season.  It was an amazing experience!!  I had no idea how deeply it would impact me.  Or how committed I would become to it.  Cooking became a delight vs. a drudgery.  Instead of eating foods I could acquire, I ate foods that were provided.  I found my stride.

Nutritionists recommend eating superfoods and taking supplements.
The weight loss experts say to count calories and cut your fat intake.
Vegetarians say don't eat any meat.
The raw foodies say don't cook anything, ever.
I think juicing is a drag.  Period.  Plus, it's wasteful.
Chefs think nothing of spending $30 a pound for pine nuts.

I found it could be much simpler than that.  I simply prepared whatever was available in season.  I found that seasonal foods are meant to be eaten or cooked together - they complement each other beautifully. It doesn't take fancy recipes.  So many times in the past I would spend hours cooking, work up an appetite, then be terribly disappointed with the final product.  That has rarely happened to me with seasonal produce.  I love what I cook.  What an amazing thing to be able to enjoy the whole process - the growing, harvesting, cooking and dining.  It's a way of eating that is attractive, that invites others to join me and even eat with me.  And, it truly, truly is healthy.

Maybe my body pH is off.
Maybe I don't understand glycemic indexes.
Maybe I'm not getting all the nutrients I should be getting because I roasted my veggies vs. eating them raw.
Maybe I'm not getting enough raw fiber.
Maybe I shouldn't be eating any white flour.
Maybe I don't eat a huge variety of produce on any given day.
Maybe I ate too much fruit yesterday.
Maybe it's time to detox.

But I LIVED.  Lived abundantly.
And no, I haven't eaten any mangoes, papayas, kiwi, bananas or imported grapes lately.  Certainly haven't eaten spring greens since spring.  Can't remember when I last ate an avocado.  But, I think God knows what foods my body needs; He knows where I live (Acts 17:26).  After all, He created me, and I think just maybe He put the foods I need for health, both body and soul, right under my nose.

P.S.  What's a superfood anyway??  Isn't it anything God has created and provided?  Who's to say one is better than another - after all, God doesn't have favorites!!  :)

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