All Things Andrea

All Things Andrea

Friday, October 22, 2010

Final Harvest

Frost is in the overnight forecast, so I quickly picked the last of the cold-sensitive produce from my garden.  As I pulled out the pepper, green bean and tomato stalks and tidied up the garden this afternoon, it reminded my of the death and dying process.  Yes, it was sad to see the end of a rewarding season of bounty, and seemed like a waste for the green tomatoes to end up on the compost pile; but at the same time it was very satisfying to neatly bring the garden to an end so that I can move on to other ventures and pursuits.  And best of all, for a gardener there's always next year to try again, to attempt new methods and varieties, experience better weather, to correct mistakes, and on it goes.

So, why do we always kick and fight against the idea of death, especially when there are unbelievably amazing things ahead?  Yes, there will always be unripened tomatoes and the wish for a few more weeks of warm weather so the green peppers can turn sweet and red, but the end of a life well-lived should be just as satisfying as putting to rest a productive vegetable garden. 

And so, I'm reminded to live a rich, fruitful and bounteous life so that I'm ready for that final harvest, whenever it may come!

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