All Things Andrea

All Things Andrea

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Handmade Gourmet Dog Treats

This totally cracked me up - I was at Root's today, and an adorable stand caught my eye.  There were all kinds of intricate baked goods, beautifully displayed, very similar to what I would slave away at and serve at a formal tea on my expensive china.  It turns out that they were DOG TREATS!!  They even had a fancy birthday cake, all decorated and packaged in a bakery box!  I don't even LIKE dogs, but I couldn't resist chatting with the owner.  Their treats are made out of mostly local whole foods with some organic ingredients - probably healthier than what most PEOPLE eat.  If I had money to blow, I'd love to purchase a variety of their items, serve them to guests at a tea, have them rave about how good the food was, then reveal the truth that they had just eaten dog food!!  :)  But, I don't have money to blow, and I don't want people to be afraid to eat what I serve them, so I won't....    Tempting thought, though!

In case you are a dog lover, here's the link:
Their stand is currently located indoors at Root's.

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