All Things Andrea

All Things Andrea

Friday, April 1, 2011

Keeping up with the Neighbors

Several weeks ago, my neighbors built two beautiful raised beds out of cedar for vegetable gardening.  I was so impressed, and.... somewhat (OK, very!) jealous....  But, not so jealous of all the time and hard work they invested!

Ever since last summer, I have been racking my brain, trying to figure out how to come up with more space for growing vegetables without sacrificing the beauty of my backyard.  I am more and more committed to eating locally and growing as much of  my own food as possible, and was desperately in need of more space.  I just couldn't come up with a solution, so I resigned myself to the plan of tucking vegetable plants in with my flower beds.  That might work, but it still wasn't ideal, and it certainly wouldn't afford me enough of the space I've been needing.  Can you understand my envy??

Then, last week a co-worker showed me a picture of a raised bed that she had just had installed by Your Garden Solution, located in Mechanicsburg.  I was so impressed.  I couldn't believe that there was a local company that specializes in installing raised beds - what an ingenious idea!  And, one that embraces Mel Bartholomew's Square Food Gardening method - the very method I've been using ever since I started gardening almost 15 years ago as a result of stumbling across his best selling book on the subject.  It's THE way to garden!  My co-worker was very pleased with their work and said the guys were very, very helpful.  So, I contacted Joe and Seppi and asked them for some suggestions.  They came out and took a look at my backyard and recommended a 4 x 10' bed on the opposite site of the yard where it would get good sun exposure and allow space for a trellis.  Why hadn't that dawned on me??  Duh!

So, today, in the cold drizzle, these guys cheerfully installed my new raised bed and trellis, filled it with their glorious soil mix, and happily answered my numerous questions.  It will give me the space I've needed, and it looks wonderful, even before I mulch around it and tie it into the existing landscaping.   I am so excited!!! 

Yes, I know I need to get a life, but I am perfectly happy with this little life of mine.  :) 

Joe and Seppi also suggested some raised beds along my driveway in the front yard since the sun exposure is perfect there, and it would help introduce raised bed gardening to the neighborhood.  And, they encouraged me to turn every bit of my yard into an edible landscape - replacing shrubs with berry bushes, etc. as time goes on.  I LOVE their thinking! 

Thanks guys!!
(I AM jealous that you get to do something so very cool for a living!!)

P.S.  I just ordered asparagus and sweet potato plants as well as some gooseberry bushes.  :)

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