All Things Andrea

All Things Andrea

Monday, April 18, 2011

Vintage Repair

A customer had me repair this lovely vintage coverlet.  Typically I try to discourage people from repairing quilts, etc. since it often ruins their integrity, but in this case it made sense to replace the edging so that it could be used and enjoyed.

The binding had frayed ....

Actually, it looked like the edging had been some type of a ruffle at one time.

I was able to find some matching fabric - a little tricky since the colors from that era aren't always readily available.  I trimmed off the old edging and replaced it with a simple bias binding.  I typically do a straight-of-grain binding on my quilts, but since the coverlet had rounded edges, I needed to use the bias so it would lay smoothly on the rounded corners.  A few months ago, I found these helpful directions on how to quickly cut bias strips on one of the quilt blogs I follow; this was my first chance to try it out.  Ingenious!  It worked like a charm!

Here's the finished product.  Stitching it felt like a return to my childhood and a visit with my great aunts.  :)

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