All Things Andrea

All Things Andrea

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Another Project Finished!

I finally got back to mounting my freshly-painted living room curtain rods today.  I had taken the day off work last week to finish painting them (what a way to spend a vacation day!) since I never get around to this kind of stuff on the weekend, then needed to let them dry for a few days before mounting them.  Since it's been way too cold to be painting outside, I finished painting them with a brush and some leftover trim paint instead of spray painting them like I had intended.  I should have brush painted them instead of spray painting from the beginning - what a mess!  I ended up with a very fine mist of white paint dust all over the garage.  Thankfully it cleaned up fine.  Those do-it-yourselfers may sing the praises of spray paint, but I have yet to be convinced - I always end up with more paint everywhere else (sorry, atmosphere!) than I do on the item I'm trying to paint.  Even my nostril hairs were white at the end of the day; I hate to think how much paint I ingested - ugh!!

I like how they match instead of contrasting with the crown moulding,

and also like how they tie in with the office curtain rods now. 

I could have bought new rods for the living room, but figured it would be cheaper (and hopefully greener) to repaint them.  (I had gotten the office rods and rings for a steal of a deal - 90% off at Sears back when I made the curtains, and have always felt the mismatched look of the rings and rods was worth it - they didn't have any white rings left, so I settled for the pale green, but I'm happy with the look.)

Anyway, glad to cross this project off the to-do list!

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