All Things Andrea

All Things Andrea

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Design Boards

What are design boards??!
I recently stumbled across this great concept on Lori's Holt's quilt blog.  It's basically a design wall, only way, way smaller and much more versatile. 
You simply take foam core and cut it into whatever size square or rectangle you want, hot glue cotton batting on one side,

then cover the edges with binding (actually that step is optional!).  It's the greatest concept.  You can lay out multiple blocks on multiple boards, then stack them for storage or carry them to your machine when you're ready to piece.  They are lightweight and inexpensive to make.
They worked perfectly for arranging my yo yo's in preparation for stitching them together; the cotton batting keeps the yo yo's from sliding around.  I made my boards 15" x 15", but I plan to make some smaller ones as well.
Click here for the tutorial from Lori's Bee in My Bonnet blog.


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