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All Things Andrea

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Scrappy Trip Around the World Quilt

I am having so much fun with these "Scrappy Trip Around the World" quilt blocks!  It's an on-line Quilt Along that has gone viral!  Lots of quilters in blogland are participating; it's a ton of fun to see who all is participating,

photo by Messy Jesse
  from this quilter in England,

scrappy trip around the world
photo by Camille Roskelley

My fabric strips are ready and waiting to be turned into more blocks. 

(I love how the fabric colors match my sewing room!)

I had to piece a few strips to get the length I needed, but it felt good to make use of the fabric - almost makes me feel connected to those quilters of eras long ago who had no other choice than to piece their precious fabrics together if they wanted to make a quilt.

Click here for the link to the directions.

You can make the quilt any size you want - just stitch as few or as many blocks as you wish.
Time will tell how big my quilt will end up being!

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