All Things Andrea

All Things Andrea

Monday, April 5, 2010

Declaring War...

…. on those rabbits!!! Yes, lots of people think they are cute, but I don’t – I’ve had it! Two weeks ago I set out sweet little lettuce and broccoli plants, only to have them devoured by the resident rabbit, just as they were getting acclimated. I was sitting out on the patio the other evening eating my supper when I looked over at the garden – only to notice that there didn’t appear to be any evidence of a garden! Upon closer inspection I saw that the plants had been chomped off. AAHHH!!!! Why is it that rabbits get away with things that we could call the police about (trespassing, stealing, and vandalism!!) if the culprit had been a person?! What was particularly disappointing was that I was looking forward to an early harvest due to the unusually warm spring weather. Oh well…. I had sprayed Liquid Fence the day I planted, but I’m guessing that the heavy rains that followed watered down the effect. So, I sprayed again, trusting that this will do the trick. It worked great last year, and I was glad a friend had told me about the product. Thankfully the plants seem to be rebounding, so hopefully it won’t be a total loss. I’ll keep you posted!

Happy gardening!

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