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All Things Andrea

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Easter Morning Butter

I finally attempted making butter this morning after wanting to give a try for so long. It seemed like the perfect activity for Easter Sunday morning – the lovely yellow was a wonderful match for the glorious spring weather, and something so luscious and healthful seems so appropriate as I considered God’s gift of hope, renewal and life on this day.  I need to perfect the process (it wasn’t as easy as I had hoped!), so I'll give it another shot and post the details at a later date.

I also made Hot Cross Buns to continue my Mother’s tradition – another contemplative activity for Easter.

Blessings on your Easter!

Update, 7/4/2010
I think I have the process down on how to make butter (it's actually quite simple once you know what to expect!).  Here's the recipe:

How to Make Butter from Raw Cream

Remove cream from refrigerator and allow it to reach temperature of 55-58 degrees.
With a sturdy mixer, whip cream on lowest speed, slowly increasing speed as cream thickens and splattering lessens.  (You may want to cover mixer with dish towel to catch splatters.)
As soon as cream reaches the whipped cream stage, pay attention - be prepared to reduce speed as soon as butter begins forming and yellow clumps start separating from buttermilk.  Quickly turn mixer off when butter clumps into one mass.
Drain off buttermilk and transfer butter into smaller bowl. 
Rinse 2-3 times, forcing buttermilk out of butter with sturdy rubber spatula or wooden spoon, until water is clear.
Press water out of butter.
Form into log(s), then refrigerate or freeze for later use.

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