All Things Andrea

All Things Andrea

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

First Spinach of the Season

I always find it a little tricky to make the switch to eating fresh produce after the winter months, especially since I've been trying to save money by eating primarily my own produce that I've frozen or canned. So, when I picked the first spinach of the season this morning, I had to stop and think what to do with it! Then, I remembered one of my favorite ways that I discovered to spinach last spring:

Spinach Breakfast Salad

A bed of fresh spinach leaves,

topped with 2 slices of whole grain bread (Ezekial bread works well, and it's a great way to disguise it if you're not crazy about the texture), brushed with olive oil, sprinkled with sea salt or Herbamare, oven toasted, then torn into croutons,

add 2 poached eggs (firmly poached), seasoned with sea salt and freshly ground pepper to taste,

avocado chunks (optional),


This was actually a recipe for a breakfast sandwich that I couldn't eat without making a mess, so I simply amped up the amount of spinach and turned it into a salad. :) Enjoy!

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