All Things Andrea

All Things Andrea

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Rose Bracelets Intersect with Acupuncture!

This picture makes me smile!!! I had given my CTCA acupuncturist Irina a Rose bracelet last summer as a thank you for all the care she has provided for me. It wasn't until I was lying on the exam table today with needles inserted all over my body that I glanced over and saw the bracelet around the neck of the acupuncture body model. The fact that it was a female body made me smile even more! Irina told me that she had tried wearing the bracelet, but it was a hindrance with her exam gloves, etc., so she found a home for it around the neck of the model. The Rose bracelets have made it all over the world and been given to a wide variety of people in all kinds of situations, but this has to be the most unique scenario!! :)

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  1. That makes my heart warm and fuzzy ... and also reminds me of the wonderful connections that Rose's bracelets have made for people in their life's journeys.