All Things Andrea

All Things Andrea

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Bunny #4!

I actually got to witness this momentous event, a day after catching my third rabbit!  I happened to glance out the window this morning just as bunny #4 was checking out the trap.  I was so annoyed - his bunny buddy on the right was sprawled out under the pine tree, acting as if she owned the place.  And, I was sure bunny #4 was simply terrorizing me,
 would check out the bait, but then go on his merry way.  But alas, his curiosity resulted in his demise.  It was very amusing - his buddy fled the scene as soon as the trap snapped shut, nervously eyeing his condition from the safety of my neighbor's yard, never venturing back to see if she could offer any comfort to her companion in his hour of need. 
(Sorry about the quality of this picture, but I took it from inside the house, through the glass of my patio door - I didn't want to take the chance of thwarting a successful catch!)

I found a lovely drop off spot for him, but...

... he preferred the berm again!   (I guess development bunnies don't appreciate green grass??)  This time, he headed for Mount Gretna instead of my house, thank goodness!

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