All Things Andrea

All Things Andrea

Sunday, May 23, 2010

God, the Ultimate Master Gardener

Every time I look at this flowerbed, I have to smile to myself.  I never planted the Bleeding Hearts in the background, nor the Lamb's Ear.  Both plants came up on their own - the Bleeding Heart reseeded itself from another flower bed, and I have absolutely no idea where the Lamb's Ear came from since I have never even planted any Lamb's Ear in years!  But the silvery foliage of the Lamb's Ear is perfect with the pale pink clematis and the white concrete bench, and the pink bleeding hearts are always a hopeful sign of spring.  I never would have thought of including either plant in this particular flower bed.  I had a local garden center draw up plans for my beds years ago, and tried the recommended plants numerous times, only for them to die out yet again.  I've now concluded that the best plan is to go along with what He wants to grow in your garden!

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